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Star Seeking for English language partner/Le couple pekinois cherche partenaire de la langue anglaise by ludovic on 2013-04-08
Nice and open-minded young native Beijing couple is looking for a female English native speaker as language partner to practice their English. We speak Chinese mandarin and French (one of us has 3 years study experience in France). Except the exchange of language, we’d like also to help you to know and understand the Chinese culture. Do not hesitate to write to us by email if you are interested to be our friend: [email protected] C u soon! Your Ludovic Le couple pekinois c...
Star I'd like to practice my Spanish with you. by IsisLi on 2013-03-20
Hello, I'm a Beijing girl. I'm a student of Spanish. I want to find a Spanish speaker to practice my oral language. If you want to study Chinese Mandarin, please conect with me. Thank you~...
Star 漢語交換丹麥語 Looking for someone speaking Danish by Rachel on 2013-03-17
你好,我馬上就要移民丹麥了,急需臨時報佛腳學點丹麥語。目前我的丹麥語水平為零,好在英語可以交流。如果你有興趣用丹麥語交換中文課程,請聯系我。[email protected]
Post PhotoStar 交外國朋友(Foreign friends) by allan on 2013-03-13
我來自中國 我是一個藝術老師,我是個非常善良真誠有愛心的人,活潑開朗,能歌善舞 ,我會教你們模特,能教你們跳舞,能教你們唱歌 哈哈 我能教的可多了,只要你想學的我會的都可以教哈哈,但是我的英語水平不好,想找個外國朋友提高我的英語,我也可以幫你學習中文,我們可以共同進步,如果你想成為我的朋友請 給我留言:郵箱:[email protected] QQ: 593438774...
Star just need a friend by Saberina Wong on 2013-02-12
I want to find a friend of mind.There are a lot of things not to side with the people and said,But I don't know how to solve,I hope I have the honor of man is a true friend,Waiting for you,my friend!!...
Star This website looks interesting by Yanni Lu on 2013-01-07
Im a student in Canada. I really like making friends even though im shy :p just last night i found this website and i found it's a really nice and interesting web. Soooo anyone wanna be friends, email me or add me on fb lol...
Star :-) by helen on 2012-11-09
HI 我是一個蒙古的女人 我住在北京跟媽媽一起住的 還有我的小狗 我在北京住了已經三年了 學漢語學了一年半 現在我幫媽媽的工作 還沒學呢 我今年二十五歲了 這周日將要我的生日 :-)我希望去亞洲或者美國上大學 和 我想聯系老外人,做好朋友 還有我想自己的英語進行提高 如果你想聯系與跟我做好朋友 這是我的skype id (sogoo.)謝謝讀我的消息了...
Post PhotoStar make friends by purity jj on 2012-10-26
Hello.I am from China,I am a 15 girl .I want to make foreign friends .~·~~~~~~~~...
Star Chinese Sayings by Helen on 2012-10-19
We know,there are five types of Chinese sayings: historical sayings (成語), proverbs (諺語), witty sayings(歇后語), folk adage(俗語), pop cultural says (流行語) and literary saying(格言警句).if you know some Chinese sayings,can you come up with 10 proverbial phrases that guide your lives? i am doing a survey of Chinese sayings, and i want to know your familiar phrases about Chinese saying. if it is convenient for you, please list something. thank you!...
Star 交外國朋友 by 張瑩 on 2012-09-14
I want to make friends with you (Foreigner)....
Star I want to make friends with you! by Evania on 2012-09-07
hello ,my name is,I'm a freshman in zhengzhou. My subjedt is Foreigners Learning Chinese. In the future ,I will be a chinses teacher. i know my english is a little poor,so I want to find a friend to improve my english. And i also can help you to learn chinese. we can progress together. I'm looking forward your reward....
Star 真誠的交一位外國朋友并尋找一位外國模特(最好能長期發展) by Ema on 2012-09-03
大家好!我是黎淼淼,西語名叫Ema來自湖北,現在在上海工作,因為英語不好,就更加的想交一個外國朋友提高我的英語水語能力,也很歡迎西班牙的帥哥美女加入同時鍛煉下我剛學的西班牙語。 另外,我正在為我公司找一位外國模特,為我公司拍攝服裝,更加希望能長期合作! 有興趣可以把聯系方式發送到我郵箱:[email protected]
Star I want to make a foreign friend by kata on 2012-08-29
My name is Li Junxuan is a lively girl. I come from the beautiful the land of abundance sichuan. Here I would like to find a foreign friend, if you want to make friends with me. Please go to my mailbox message. Or my Sina blog. My e-mail address is: [email protected], my Sina blog address is:
Star 幫助 by 黃靜文 on 2012-08-05
畢生的夢想:叫中國人學英語,叫外國人學中文。 如果我有意想學中文的外國人,請聯系我。這是我的微博:小黃老黃之黃靜閔...
Star 我教外國人說中文 外國人教我學英語 by Aday on 2012-07-21
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