Learn Chinese in Shanghai effectively, easily, fast, fun!

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Learn Chinese in Shanghai effectively, easily, fast, fun!

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Well structured, result-oriented, personally designed study plan; Certificated, qualified, experienced, professional Chinese teacher; Diverse, interactive, creative teaching methods; Various individually designed Chinese Courses for all ages at all levels; Personalizied practical useful study materials; Tailor-made class mode (Shanghai or Online Skype both for private and group) Flexible teaching schedule and place; helpful, customized Chinese language services, and all at an affordable low cost, and with 24 hr free Chinese language Support !

Certificated, Qualified Native Chinese teacher with a teaching certificate called teaching Chinese as a foreign language (TCSL) granted by East China Normal University with over 8 years Chinese teaching experience with former and current learners from U.S, Canada, Mexico, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Norway, Czech Republic, Russia, Romania, Australia, Korea, Japan, India, HK, Indonesia, Malaysia, and etc. Teach Chinese to foreign learners of all ages & levels, meets their different Chinese learning needs, helping them achieve their Chinese learning goals effectively, easily, at the pace & time they prefer.

Fluent in English, patient, friendly, passionate, motivated, dedicated, and professional. Love Chinese teaching, only teaching Chinese in life career. Know how to teach foreign learners effectively in a western style. Therefore, learners enjoy their class; they learn the Chinese very happily, easily & fast. What’s more, they grasp the Chinese skills they learned in class into practice in their life, work fluently, naturally.

* Individual Chinese Tutoring ? Company Chinese Training ? School Chinese Training ? Language Services
* High teaching quality
* Experienced, certified, highly qualified, patient, passionate, friendly, motivated, dedicated, excellent Chinese Teacher
* Well structured, result-oriented, personally tailor-made study plan
* Diverse, interactive, creative teaching methods
* Various courses (Spoken Chinese, Regular Chinese, Daily Chinese, Survival Chinese, Business Chinese, Travel Chinese, HSK preparation, Students Chinese, Special Chinese, Tailored Chinese to Chinese Cultural courses, etc.)
* Customerized practical useful study materials
* 1-on-1 Chinese Class (Shanghai)
* Small Group Chinese Class (Shanghai)
* Online Chinese Class (Skype, Wechat, etc)
* 1-on-1 Telephone Chinese Class
* Flexible teaching schedule and place
* Affordable low cost
* 24 hr free Chinese language Support

Focused on “Professional Chinese Teaching Quality; Your Effective Chinese Learning Results; Tailored, Flexible Teaching Services, and All at an Affordable Low Cost!

Let me know if I can be of your help. I am ready and happy to help your Chinese !

Mobile: +86 13651712893
Wechat: 13651712893
Skype: chinese.tutoring.lessons
Email: [email protected]
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